On Location Hosts Annual Company Meeting in Mt. Laurel, NJ the Week of July 31st

A comprehensive three-day program to learn, share and inspire with the goal to make good things happen.

On Location, a nationwide provider of labor and management services for exhibits, events and environments, will host its 2017 Annual Meeting July 31st-August 3rd in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, home to the company’s headquarters since 2008. The three-day meeting, which has become a recurring event for the past 12 years, brings together all branches of the organization, including management, sales, operations and administration to reinforce building customer value and advancing processes that directly benefit its client base. The theme this year is one of inspiration and challenging the company’s team to achieve better results by choosing to make good things happen through hard work, commitment, focus and resilience.

“We’re passionate about excellence and providing clients the best Return on Experience (ROE),” says On Location General Manager, Michael Mulry. “To achieve this end, it takes collaboration and teamwork. What better way then to bring our entire staff together to reemphasize our shared goals and core beliefs? By fostering cohesive collaboration from the executive level to those on the front line strengthens relationships among On Location team members and creates a seamless flow of communication critical in achieving a positive ROE.”

Jeff Popovich, an Account Executive from the Cleveland area, cannot say enough about the annual meeting, which includes a mix of full group meetings, breakout sessions and roundtable discussions. “Most of the time I’m with the team it is on a trade show floor or working in a high pressure situation. Coming together in a relaxed environment is great. It’s a chance to share ideas and experiences more freely plus meet new faces.” Joyce Mollure, also an account executive, agrees. “We do get to see many co-workers in the field throughout the year but this gives us a time to sit back and get to know each other, not only from a business and company standpoint, but also on a personal level.”

This year’s agenda is set to cover varied topics from operations to sales. In addition to combined discussions with the entire group, each division will hold its own breakout session. The operations staff will focus on ways to improve and streamline processes while the sales team looks to explore new ideas for client acquisition and retention. “We always build in a fun portion to presentations,” says Mollure. “Using a game or role playing exercise keeps everyone engaged and laughing as we learn how to handle certain situations.” Adds Mulry, “The smaller group environment fosters greater participation especially among those who might not speak up in a larger room. It is a way to inspire even the newest members of our team to be part of the conversation and make a difference.”

The On Location meeting is not only an internal affair. The company invites clients and partners to be a part of the experience and offer their unique insight, opportunities for improvement and other feedback. On the schedule is a videoconference session with various On Location clients. “While nothing can replace meeting face-to-face, technology is a great way to enable clients the chance to meet and speak with all of us,” says Ron Bailey, National Operations Manager. “Not only are they able to provide invaluable comments, they see how we are truly a team and one that works together on their behalf to create the best possible experience.”

Continuing education is a big part of the annual meeting and company’s philosophy overall. It is core to developing a team that wants to make good things happen and giving them the tools to do so. “The annual meeting goes hand-in-hand with our yearlong investment in external continuing education and leadership programs. We learn from each other through interactive discussion, addressing goals, defining challenges and uncovering paths to overcome them.” Such a commitment is an integral key part of building a culture with longtime employees who bring an unmatched level of knowledge to be shared. “Having loyal employees who have been with us for years is one of the greatest compliments,” says Mulry.

The Annual Meeting is not all work with a variety of team building and social activities throughout the three-day program. Adds Mollure, “Michael always has some great fun in store like who can build the largest tower made with only office supplies or break out groups each preparing a part of the menu for our team dinner.” It is also a time for staff recognition. “Every member of our team has something to contribute – an idea, an experience, a point of view,” says Mulry. “When we come together with the shared goal of delivering the highest quality of client service, making good things happen becomes easy.”

About On Location

For more than 25 years, On Location has provided nationwide labor and management services for exhibits, events and environments that deliver a positive Return on Experience (ROE) for its customers – on time and on budget – throughout the country and around the world. As a leading exhibitor assigned contractor, highly trained and experienced employees help clients develop a custom plan, adapting the company’s comprehensive processes to fit one’s unique business needs and providing nationwide continuity of hands-on service before, during and after each event. For more information, visit: onlocationind.com.

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