On Location Brings Its Annual Company Meeting Home to Mt. Laurel, NJ Week of August 8th

A comprehensive three-day program of information sharing, team building and continuing education focused on the endless pursuit of providing the ultimate customer service (ROE)


On Location, a nationwide provider of labor and management services for exhibits, events and environments, will host its Annual Meeting August 9th-11th in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, home to the company’s headquarters since 2008. The three-day meeting brings together all facets of the organization, including management, sales, operations and administration, to reinforce the company’s focus on building customer value and advancing processes that directly benefit its client base. Agenda topics range from a company year in review, short-term outlook and long-term goal setting.

To succeed in providing clients the best customer Return on Experience (ROE), no one staff member can do so on his or her own. It requires a collaborative approach,” says On Location General Manager, Michael Mulry. “Our annual meeting reinforces the company’s shared goals and core beliefs – all centered on teamwork and the customer experience.”

It is for this reason the program takes a “look inside” focus to learning from each other for a second year in a row. The inward approach furthers cohesive collaboration across various job disciplines – from the executive level to those on the front line. It strengthens relationships among On Location team members, a key component to providing the cohesive, seamless flow of communication critical in achieving a positive ROE.

The feedback was great and the concept a perfect complement to our yearlong investment in external continuing education and leadership programs. The meeting is one of interactive discussion, addressing goals, defining challenges and uncovering paths to overcome them.” Why this focus? Mulry adds, “To reaffirm our greatest commitment – delivering the highest quality of service to our clients time and time again.”

On Location is proud to have a great number of longtime employees who bring an unmatched level of knowledge to be shared. “This will be my fourth annual meeting and it is something that never gets old,” says Jeff Popovich, an account manager based in the Midwest. “Each year I learn something I didn’t know. As one of the sales team, I welcome insight from the operations team in a ‘no pressure’ environment versus on the exhibit floor while installing a booth. These meetings foster an easy flow of information – a discussion of wins, losses and learning.

Having loyal employees who have been with us for years is one of the greatest compliments,” says Mulry. “It proves our investment is helping them be the best possible works.” One such employee, Ron Bailey, who has worked with the company for 17 years but will be attending for the first time in his new role as National Operations Manager. “This is a great time to be a part of On Location, not just for me but everyone. Our department and company as a whole, continue to grow, improve and make a difference in defining a new standard for labor management.” According to Bailey, customers take notice too.

The Annual Meeting is not all work. “We always look to keep these gatherings new and fresh,” Mulry explains. “Sometimes we do so by gathering in a new city or hold it closer to home, providing greater attendance by the in-house administrative staff.” He goes on to say, “This year we will be taking a road trip to visit a client and welcoming two customers to the meeting – each offering unique perspectives for greater understanding of their needs.” There are also several team building and social activities as well as a time for staff recognition throughout the three-day program.

The relaxed casual nature of the meeting is one that encourages an open sharing of ideas and experiences, welcoming insight from even the newest staff members. “I’m really looking forward to next week,” says Account Executive James Luty, a first time attendee who joined On Location this past May. “It will be great to meet co-workers from across the country and all facets of the organization. In a time when email and text messages have virtually taken over communications, the idea of putting a face with a name and remembering the importance of interpersonal interactions cannot be unstated – after all we are in the face-to-face business.

Mulry circles back to what to this core point. “We help guide our customers through the often-confusing landscape of on-site activities, and consider it our duty to do so much more than just provide on-site labor,” he says. “We promise peace-of-mind in this often-complex labor landscape – we won’t let our customers down. We’re passionate about excellence and the annual meeting is another way to reinforce this message.”